Analogue photography

Igor shoots film, develops film and enlarges photos under an enlarger on photographic paper developped in chemistry. The is the only manner of achieving that particular picture that Igor searches to achieve. He prints never more that 5 times a same photo.

This websice contains only a very limited choice of photographs. Most photographes are for the people whose pictures he took. Oh, and by the way, Igor doesn't like scanning photos either.

Igor can print your old negatifs...

... develop your films, produce test prints and final prints on any paper with almost any technique and any toning in order to achieve the result you want for your photography. Don't hesitate to contact me.


Igor Karenin

Igor Karenin manages an analogue photolab in Brussels and he is a photographer. He has started photography some 10 years ago, and does everything from film development to the final print, including the choice of film and developper - with a certain weakness for P.M.K. - exposure, the vast choice of photographic papers still available today (Adox, Oriental, Ilford, Slavich). All pictures on this website are scans of final prints, which also shows the interest of toning photos.


Igor's photos were on exhibition in Brussels from 21 July to 10 August 2014. More information here.